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MT Enterprises is a SAAC/IAS Accredited, ARAMCO& SABIC Approved Industrial Services Company serving Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, and Water Clients in Saudi Arabia. MT Enterprises was established with a motive to avail the BEST services for our customers through offering the highest quality, incorporating engineers and professional technicians who are highly experienced in Electrical Testing, Commissioning, Cold cutting, Bolt torquing, Flange weld test, Hydrotest, Calibration, Installation & Repair Services for Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Power Generators, Transformers, Switchgears, Protection System, and Instrumentation.

Directors Message:

We are pleased and in a proud moment to say that, MT Enterprises has completed successful 15 years in Delivering quality service to OIL & GAS, Petrochemical, Power and water Industries in Saudi Arabia.

About MT Enterprises

MT Enterprises Services is ARAMCO & SABIC Approved service provider in Saudi Arabia. The calibration facility operates in a controlled environment laboratory with a dedicated team of highly trained calibration engineers and technicians. Investment in the latest, more efficient, calibration equipment enables MTE Calibration Services to provide a cost effective and swift calibration services.

MTE Calibration services are accredited by SAAC ISO/IEC 17025:2017 & 100% complying with national & international standards.MTE Calibration Lab is a well-equipped Dimensional, Electrical, Thermal, Flow Pressure and Torque equipment's calibration & maintenance center guaranteeing accurate test results with certificates.

MTE Industrial Services offers industrial and project services in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, always adhering to our quality promise: Safe. Global. Fast. We offer Mechanical Services and electrical testing & installations, together with(Cold Cutting, Bolt Torqueing, Flange weld testing, Flange Facing, Electrical Testing & Commissioning) a wide range of services, to manufacturers and operators alike. We are your partner on the journey to the success of your project.


To be the leading service provider in the SAUDI industry driven by our commitment to excellence towards our partners and clients.

Ambitious leadership and passion for excellence make us constantly strive to be the best in every field of business that we invest and operate.


MT ENTERPRISES delivers efficient cost-effective solutions in a safe and sustainable way. We pride ourselves to add value to our partners and clients in the all Industry sector through pivotal innovation.


MT ENTERPRISES Service Solutions is your leading service provider in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Water & Food industry. Our values are to excel in our commitment to our partners and clients with clarity, sustainability and integrity in a safe environment.


We continue to drive the business forward through constant investment in our personnel and equipment to deliver the highest standards of service.