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Flange Weld Testing


After completing a welded repair or modification of piping or process equipment a leak or strength test is required to confirm the integrity of the new weld. Traditionally, this is carried out by flooding and pressurising the entire piping spool or system, however this is not always practical. Localised weld test tools provide a fast and efficient method of verifying the integrity of butt welds, joints or other welded pipe components. Weld test tools reduce system downtime and increase worksite safety by limiting the test area to only the new weld or welded components. This prevents a full system pressurisation which is beneficial to mature systems by decreasing the potential for leakage.

MTE has gained an extensive global track record for providing localised hydrostatic testing services and hot-work barriers to operators and contractors during maintenance shutdowns and turnarounds.

MTE Hydraulically activated weld test tools are dual purpose and can be used during hot-work activities to provide a verified vapour barrier, protecting the worksite from potentially flammable or toxic vapours.

MTE reliable and efficient equipment operated by competent, multi-skilled technicians offer a responsive service that improves maintenance efficiency, reduces client expenditure, while maintaining safety.

Multi-skilled personnel can operate test tools, fit mechanical pipe connector and where required provide onsite pipe cutting services. This single source supply minimises lines of communication and limits personnel and accommodation requirements, reducing expenditure and downtime.