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Electrical Testing


MTE Testing and Commissioning MTE offers professional expertise in Testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning services of electrical power systems, Generation and T&D, of various voltage levels. We are the best ELECTRICAL TESTING COMMISSIONING SERVICE COMPANY IN SAUDI ARABIA. We are the top electrical testing commissioning service company in saudi arabia. Please contact us for Electrical Testing Commissioning Service Company In Saudi Arabia.

With a very strong team of experienced engineers and technicians. With key experience in the testing and commissioning of GIS switchgears, power transformers, protection and control systems, substation auxiliary equipment, fiber optic cable splicing and generation equipment, MTE is committed to provide benchmark services to its clients

The Services Offered Include:

  • Power plant, Substation Testing and Commissioning upto 400kV
  • Generation Equipment Testing
  • High Voltage Testing
  • Installation Services, MV&HV Cable Joints and Termination

Testing & Commissioning PP

  • 380 , 230 , 132 and 115 kv HV GIS Substations testing & commissioning
  • Repairing , Maintenance and Commissioning of (Transformers, LV Switchgears, MV Switchgears, Control panels, protection panels, GIS )
  • Power cables testing
  • DC system commissioning ( Batteries , battery chargers , ……..etc )
  • Protection scheme Modifications for all voltage levels
  • Breaker Retrofit.
  • Power system Studies.
  • Engineering Services.
  • MV & LV switchgear Installations.
  • Hipot test for switchgear and power cables
  • Power system faults analyzing and trouble shooting.
  • Power factor controller testing & commissioning

Projects Management

  • Technology Sourcing
  • Residual Engineering
  • Project Costing & Scheduling
  • Tendering & Pre-bid Services
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Inspection & Expediting

Field Training services

MTE provide technical training courses theoretical and practical in the field for all types & models of protection relays ( ABB , Siemens , Alstom , SEL , GESchneider ) , for all protection functions ( Distance , line differential , Transformer differential , Busbar protection Current protection and Voltage protection ,……etcMRCProviding training courses for 380 KV , 230 KV , 132 KV ,115 KV GIS interlocking , operation , testing & commissioning and maintenance .MRCprovide technical training courses for all MV switchgears types ( installation , testing & commissioning and maintenance )

Electrical Field Services

Preventive Maintenance and Corrective of all Electrical Equipment

  • Installation, Testing / Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Electrical Equipment HV& MV & LV and Transformers.
  • Re-Design, Retrofitting and Modifications of Electrical Equipment
  • Repair and Installation Supervision of Electrical Equipment
  • Transformer Oil Filling / Processing and Filtration
  • Relay setting and Coordination Study
  • Instrument Calibration Services of All Electromechanical metering and equipment
  • Engineering Support
  • Lump Sum Turn Key Project (LSTK) for Electrical Projects and Services

Preventive Maintenance and Corrective of all Electrical Equipment(Long Term & Short Term Contract) Installation, Testing / Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Electrical Equipment We perform materials final acceptance test to determine the functionality of electrical equipment and the status of materials after delivery, installation and before energizing. All testing activities can be conducted at site to meet your requirements by using equipment calibrated from certified laboratories, which are to maintain the accuracy of test results. We have sufficient Engineers & Technicians to commission wide range of products related to transmission and distribution equipment: Switchgears, Motors, Transformers, Generators, MCC's Relay Panel, Breakers, UPS System, Relays and Cables, Testing will be in details for each component included in the electrical equipment.

Re-Design, Retrofitting and Modifications of Electrical Equipments we perform upgrading or modification for existing equipment by adding new function / material / login / filling space and spare units with component.

MTE can offer factory retrofit of obsolete components such as breakers, starters and relays. These components will be replaced with latest product pertaining maximum life, especially for the breakers which are without spare part available in the markets & no more in manufacturer production. If many original components are obsolete or no longer feasible for Isolator plug in unit starters, we do install modern equals or equivalents to use the space available. All types of electrical equipment will be modified or upgraded to suit the customer site schedule requirements, and as per modified drawings by services design engineers.

Repair and Installation Supervision of Electrical Equipments Repair works will be carried out on-site or at our premises for all types of breakers and devices. Supervision work will be carried out at site during installation and erection. Testing and commissioning work will be carried out as per vendor / manufacturing standards, end-user specifications and approved drawings.

Relay setting and Coordination Study After releasing the required data in electrical equipment fault analysis & relay coordination, study will be done by power system engineers using PC software (e.g. ETAP) and submit the result to the customer for review and approval prior to protective relays setting.

Lump Sum Turn Key Project (LSTK) for Electrical Projects and Services Complete Package Turn Key Projects mainly focus on the Electrical Projects and Equipments.


MTE company offers a wide range of Electrical services utilizing its expertise of its team and vast experience in the market in the field of construction of electrical power and control system in the different industries (Oil & Gas, power generation and transmission, petrochemical, Cement, and water/SWRO plant) with high level of quality and safety standards. We are the best ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICE PROVIDER IN SAUDI ARABIA. We are the top electrical construction service provider in saudi arabia. Please contact us for Electrical Construction Service Provider In Saudi Arabia.

With its strong technical expertise, MTE is capable of design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, Maintenance, and Upgrade of all kinds of electrical &control system components:

  • HV Substations, indoor and outdoor
  • Power and distribution Transformers
  • HV &MV Power & Control Cables
  • MV Switch Gears
  • Motor control Center MCC
  • Power Generators
  • Protection Relay panels
  • Panel Boards
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Motors
  • Bus Ducts
  • Installation of cable trays with covers
  • MV cables terminations
  • Earthing & lightning system and air terminals